Website and Blog Development

Website and Blog Development

A Business Website or a Blog is the foundation of online marketing.  Every business should have a professional looking website or a blog with good content.  Our recommendation is to have a blog.  A blog can do everything a website can do and more.  In addition, it is easier and cheaper to develop and maintain a blog.

At a minimum, the website or a blog should have the following types of pages:

  • Home page:  Welcome your visitors, tell them about your business and provide navigation to rest of the website.  Provide a good first impression.  Ask for email address and in return give them a free something.
  • About Us Page:  Give more information about you and your business and develop trust.
  • Products or Services page:  Describe the products and services you offer.
  • Contact Us page:  Show all the ways a visitor can contact you.
  • Content Pages:  Write a few articles that will help your customers.  The more content you have the better it is.

In addition, a website or a blog should have these two features – no exceptions.  Unfortunately, a majority of the websites do not have these.

  • Analytics:  Setup an analytics package to understand how your site is working.
  • Survey:  Setup a simple free survey and ask visitors for feedback.

Website and Blog development is an ongoing process.  We recommend starting with these essential elements and building the websites gradually.  The most important thing you can do is add content to the website that your customers will love.

SoLoMo Experts have dedicated website and blog developers who understand the technical part (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and the rest of the alphabet soup), branding aspects (look and feel, positioning, content etc.) and Search Engine Optimization (Meta Tags, URL structure, linking, architecture, sitemaps etc.).  Also, they have vast experience in integrating the sites with external services (analytics packages, surveys, user experience services, email providers etc.).  As you can see there is more to website/blog development than what meets the eye.

We will design and build a site that will score high on the four most important qualitative factors.

  1. Create a good first impression
  2. Present an irresistible offer
  3. Task completion –users should be able to complete the task they had in mind (Find some information, request a service, buy a product etc.).
  4. Overall satisfaction – the user is satisfied with the visit.

These factors can be tracked with a simple and free survey from  A significant part of the success of a website is based on these factors.  SoLoMo experts have a thorough understanding of these factors and will make your site stand out from your competitor’s websites.