Local Email marketing

What is Local Email Marketing and why do you need it?

The saying goes “The money is in the email list”.  The first thing a business website should do is collect the email address of it’s visitors.  Yet very few websites do this and even fewer websites do this well.

Website visitors are willing to give you their email address if you give them something in return like a good article, ebook or a free service.  Now, you can market to this prospective customer for a really long time.

Email marketing is building relationship with your customer base by providing relevant and useful information.  It is like having a conversation and keeping in touch with your customers.  In return, you can get valuable feedback, loyalty and ‘top of mind’ branding.  Having an email marketing strategy is a corner stone of your overall marketing plan.

How can SoLoMo Experts help?

SoLoMo Experts will develop an email marketing strategy for your business.  We will specify the frequency and the message.  Also, if required we will train you or your staff on how to send emails and how to evaluate the results.

SoLoMo experts will setup your website to collect email addresses and store it in a database.  We will design your emails and schedule the sends.  The emails can be sent from your hosting services or integrated with an external service like Aweber or Constant Contact.

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