Local Search Engine Advertising

What is Local Search Engine (PPC) Advertising?

PPC (Pay-per-Click) or ‘Adwords’ or ‘Paid’ advertising is where you pay a search engine to display your Ad on the search results page.

Again, a Google example – type in any keyword ‘Dentist Cincinnati’ in Google.  You will see three ads at the top of the page and a few more ads on the right side.  Bing and Yahoo have similar formats.  These are called ‘Paid listing’ or ‘Adword’ listing or ‘Pay-per-Click’ listing.  Businesses pay Google every time an ad gets clicked.

The cost per click depends on the competition for the keyword and ranges from a few cents to tens of dollars.  The ranking is based on a bidding system.  In general, highest bidder gets the top spot the next highest bidder gets the second spot and so on.  Of course, there is more to it.  The bidding amount depends on the relevance, quality of the ad and the landing page etc.

There are numerous Adwords features.  The most relevant features related to local PPC advertising are:

  1. Geo targeting:  You can display an ad only in a specific city, state or a country.  You can even specify a radius around your business.  Google knows your location based on your IP address and will serve ads only to people in the specified area.  This is a big advantage if you are a local business.  Your ad can be limited to people only in your area.  Studies show that 80% of customers for a local business come from within a 10 mile radius.
  2. Time and day targeting:  You can display your ad only during certain parts of a day or only during certain days of a week.  This is important for local businesses if you don’t want to advertise during off hours and weekends.
  3. Device targeting:  You can target customers based on whether they are accessing Google through computers or cell phones.  Also, you can serve a different ad based on the device.
  4. Banner Ads:  You can put up banners on local websites through Google Adwords

Recently Google started a new service called Google Adwords Express.  This is where your ad will show up on a Google Map listing.  Your listing will stand out on the map with a blue colored tear drop.

Why do you need Local PPC Advertising?

This is a popular form of advertising, specially, if you need traffic immediately and you have a budget.  Once you have done the keyword research and generated a list of keywords, it will take just a few minutes to set the keywords up on Google Adwords or Bing Ad Center.  You can start getting traffic almost instantaneously.  Often, PPC advertising is done until your ‘Natural’ listings take hold.  As you know, it takes a few months to optimize your website for natural listing.

How can SoLoMo Experts help?

  1. SoLoMo Experts will do a comprehensive keyword analysis of you business and find the best converting keywords.  The intent behind the keywords is the most important factor.  Only about 10% of the keywords have a commercial intent.  i.e. searchers are close to buying when they type these keywords.  These keywords are most likely to get you positive return on investment.  Selecting wrong keywords can exhaust your budget in a hurry.
  2. We will write several versions of benefit oriented ad copy for each of the keywords and conduct A/B tests.  We will determine the ad copy that gets you the best results.
  3. SoLoMo experts will design landing pages for the keywords.  These are pages that a searcher will see when they click on the ad.  This is the most neglected part of the SEA campaign.  Not having a high converting landing page is like writing a check on the marketing side without having a landing page to cash the check.
  4. Finally, we will optimize the campaigns by constantly tweaking the keyword matching types, positions and bids and find the sweet spot for your SEA campaign.

Bring us your Search Engine Advertising Goals and SoLoMo Experts will design and implement a campaign to meet your goals.  Fill out the Request Form or call us at 513-445-2167 for a Free Consultation.