Local Marketing Essential Package

Local Marketing Essential Package

This package is designed to do the following three things.

1. Get in front of prospective customers who are searching for your business and convince them to visit your website
2. Convert your website visitors into paying customers.
3. Get your prospective customers visiting local directories to call you

How is this done?

1. Strategy: A SoLoMo Expert will meet you to understand your business and prepare a free strategy report. The report will include
a. Keyword Analysis: Identify specific keywords your business should be ranking for.
b. Competitive Analysis: Identify competitors and the level of competition for the keywords.
c. SEO Recommendations: Content changes, website changes and linking required to rank the keywords on Google and Bing.
d. Website Recommendations: Website changes required to convert visitors into customers.

2. Implementation:
Once the strategy is approved by you, our experts will go to work. We will put together an implementation startegy and a project plan. Usually, it will take 90 to 120 days to start seeing the results. Our team will strive to get results early if possible.

3. Reporting:
Every month we will prepare a progress report for you. The report will show work done and the current keyword ranking. Also, any recommendations and strategy changes will be clearly communicated to you.

4. Maintenance: The project will get into maintenance mode after the 90 to 120 day implementation period. At this point, we will start maintaining the ranking by consistently tweaking the website and getting incoming links. Consistency it the key to Search Engine Ranking.

*We have a great track record of achieving the desired results within the 90 to 120 days. However, we are at the mercy of the search engines and we cannot guarantee search engine rankings. Also, it is against Google’s Terms and Conditions to guarantee rankings.

Expected Results

1. Your business is ranked high in Google Places, Bing Business Listing and Yahoo Local Listing.
2. Your business website is ranked high for relevant keywords and your web traffic is increasing
3. Your prospective customers are giving you their email addresses and your email list is growing.
4. Your phone is ringing and your customer base is increasing.


We want to keep it simple. The cost is varies from $397 to $597 per month depending on the niche you are in. There is no setup fee. This is a great value for the services you are receiving. Similar services cost hundreds more. Not to mention, the expertise and proven results SoLoMo brings to your business. The only extra cost you will incur is if you want us to make the changes to your website or if you want us to build a new website or redesign your website.