Google Places Yahoo and Bing Local

Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local – What are these?

Let’s try Google Places.

Type in a local query ‘Chiropractor Cincinnati’ in Google.  When a query word like ‘Chiropractor’ is paired with a local modifier like city/county/state name or a zip code, it is called a local query or a query with local intent.  This tells Google that the searcher is looking for a product or service in a particular area.

Starting in 2004, Google has experimented with various formats for presenting the local search results.  Currently, the most common format is –

  • SEA or the ‘Paid’ listing are shown at the top (with a colored background).
  • This is followed by Google ‘Places’ listing that has seven business listings (A through G).  This is also known as ‘Seven Pack’ .  Under each business listing there can be link called ‘reviews’ or ‘Place Page’.  More on this later.
  • An area map on the right side with orange and blue colored tear drops.

Bing Local and Yahoo Local have similar listings.

Why do you need you business in Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local Listings?

Getting your Business listed here is like putting up a large bill board next to a busy highway where drivers are actually looking for products and services offered by your business.  It is that powerful.

When someone is typing in ‘Chiropractor Cincinnati’ or ‘Dentist Los Angeles’ or ‘Plumber New York’ they have an immediate need for the service.  About 70% of these searchers will click on one or more of the ‘Places’ listings or call the businesses and end up as a customer.  The benefit of being on this list is clear.  If your business is not listed here your competitors are taking away business from you.

How do you get your business listed?

If you are an established local business, Google probably has your address in their database and created a basic listing for you.  The first step is for you to prove that you are the owner and then claim the listing which is the easy part.  The challenge is to be one of the top seven i.e. be a part of the ‘Seven Pack’.  There is fierce competition among businesses to claim a spot.  In the above example, out of the hundreds on Chiropractors in Cincinnati only seven can win.

Google chooses who gets to be in the ‘Seven Pack’ based on a number of factors.  Some of them are:

  1. Completeness of your listing.  Do you have all the information, photos, videos etc.
  2. Number of Citations.  i.e. number of web properties your business is listed in.
  3. Number of customer reviews
  4. Optimized business website or blog

The ranking factors for Bing and Yahoo listings are similar but have their own quirks.

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