You might have heard of sayings like “Things that cannot be tracked cannot be improved”.  Analytics is the backbone of online marketing.  Yet a majority of the websites do not have an analytics package.

One of the first things SoLoMo Experts will do is integrate your website or blog with an analytics package.  This may be the one provided by your hosting company or it can be the free version of Google Analytics.

The goal of an analytics package is to show you how visitors found your site? How they navigate through the site? And how they become leads?

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are different for every websites.  Here are some common KPIs that we track for our customers.

  1. Traffic by type:
    1. a) Total number of visits to the website.
      b) Number of direct visits
      c) Number of visits from the search engines
      d) Number of visits by each keyword
  2. Time spent on the website
  3. Bounce Rate (or single page visits)
  4. Form completion rate (ex. email subscribe form)

In addition to the above KPIs, we track the following by traffic type for sites with shopping cart

  1. Revenue
  2. Orders
  3. Conversion (i.e. the ratio of orders to traffic)
  4. Average Order Value (i.e. the ratio of Revenue/Orders)
  5. Conversion Funnel (how users navigated through shopping cart)

SoLoMo Experts will determine the right KPIs for your business, prepare monthly reports and explain the reports to you.  We will derive actionable information from these reports and adjust strategy as needed.  You will find huge value in these reports.  SoLoMo Experts is one of the few companies that offer this service.  We believe in ‘Numbers based marketing’.

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