About SoLoMo Experts

About SoLoMo Experts

SoLoMo Experts founder has over 10 years of eCommerce experience.  Over the last few years, he noticed that marketing through traditional channels like Yellow Pages, Paper Ads, Radio Ads and TV commercials is not generating the leads it used to.  Small business customers were moving rapidly to online channels.  He realized that in 2012 more leads will be generated from online marketing than traditional marketing channels.

Yet, small businesses were not making the shift to keep up with change in their customer preference.  As he was talking to small business owners he caught himself repeating the phrase “Market your Business Online”.  This became the tagline of the business.

Over the past few years a new marketing trends started to develop and has accelerated over the last couple of years.  It was not enough for a small business to just have a website or a blog to market their business online.  Small business needed an overall strategy that combined local search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

Recently, VC legend John Doerr coined a new phrase for this – SoLoMo.  It refers to emergence and collision of Social, Local and Mobile media. This is the exact marketing strategy that a local business needs now and hence SoLoMo Experts was created.

SoLoMo Experts founder has put together a team of experts in Google, Yahoo and Bing Local Listing optimization, Local Online Advertising, Local Search Engine Optimization,  Local PPC Advertising, Website and Blog Development, Social Media Marketing, Local Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and Analytics.

Not every local business needs all these services.  SoLoMo Experts will develop a strategy based on your requirements and pick and choose the services required.  Our goal it to ‘Market Your Business Online’ and make your business more successful.