Local Mobile Marketing

Local Mobile Marketing

Do you know of anyone who does not have a cell phone?  Well, everyone has a cell phone and we are now bound to our cell phones 24/7.  When people leave their house they carry three things, wallet, keys and cell phone.  Futurists are predicting that in a few years we will be just carrying our cell phones because our cards and keys will be integrated with it.  So what is the best way to reach your customers – Cell phone?

Mobile marketing for a small business is new but growing.  Mobile users are looking for your products and services through

  1. Search Engines
  2. Maps, and
  3. Local Directories like Yelp and Foursquare

When mobile consumers search for products or services, they’re generally looking to act quickly.  50% of the mobile searches are local searches.  Let’s assume your listing shows up on a user’s cell phone and the user clicks on it.  How does your website page appear on a cell phone screen?  Less than 10% of the websites are mobile-optimized.  When SoLoMo Experts design your website we will also design your website for mobile users.

SMS advertising or Text Message advertising

This is where you send a coupon or a text message advertisement to your prospective customer.  Note that you have to have opt-in permission from these people.  Text messaging is very effective.  Here are some numbers.  Text messages have an open rate of 90% as compared to email’s open rate of 10% to 25%.  In addition, mobile coupons have a conversion rate of 15% to 40%. Compare this to email conversion rate or 2% to 5%.

Compared to other forms of advertising, mobile marketing is real time and personal.  It can also get instant results.  Consider this scenario; if you are a restaurant, and are having a slow day, you can instantly text your prospective customers a 10% off coupon for the next few hours. If you have large enough base, this may bring you enough customers for the day.   Text messages are being used in many ways including appointment reminders.

SoLoMo Experts can set up a SMS advertising service for your business and show you how to send instant coupons to your visitors.

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